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Sat Dec 21 10:34:15 EST 2019


Did someone say PLAQUES?????

While the CQ 160 is indeed a fine contest - we should note that the
upcoming Stew Perry Topband Distance challenge also has plaques.  Has
N2NT's wife sponsored a plaque?  I think not!!

Here is the current list:

AA4XX Top Score, Multi-Op World QRP Paid
Boring ARC Top Score, Vintage Station, Single-Op Low-Power pre 1963 TX and
RX Paid
Dawn Tyree Sunrise Award, Top Score, Single-Op World High-Power, limited to
two hours prior to sunrise Paid
EI2CN Top QSOs, W/VE/XE with EI/British Isles 2019 + 2020
EI4HQ Top Score, Single-Op High-Power Europe Paid
K1EP Top Score, Operator < 21 years old Pending
K5WA Top # Grids, Single-Op minimally directional antennas (TX and RX) Paid
K6ND Top Score, Single-Op World (K6SE Memorial) Paid
K7CA Top Score, Zone 22 Paid
K7CA Top Score, Zone 24 Paid
K7FL Top Score, 100% Search-and-Pounce Paid
K7RAT Top Score, Single-Op High-Power, Southern Hemisphere Paid
L1AR - Dr. Beldar Top Score, Single-Op, Temp Antennas Paid
KL7RA Top QSOs, Single-Op Paid
N4YDU Top Score, Single-Op Low-Power USA Paid
N7GP Top # NA Grids, Single-Op Zone 25 Paid
N7UA Top Score, Single-Op, High-Power World Paid
N9TF Top Score, Single-Op USA Low-Power, Multiband vertical, non-resonant,
tuner in shack Paid
N9TF Back yard special (Top Score, Single-Op Low-Power USA, < 4500 Sq Ft
lot, < 35' high random wire) Pending
NQ6N Highest score from working LP or QRP stations Pending
VE9AA 2001 A Space Odyssey - Single-Op Score closest to 2001 points Paid
VK6GX Heroic Tropical QRN Fighters, Top Score, Single-Op +/- 15 degrees
latitude Paid
VK6VZ Flying Doctors of VK Baseball Cap for Top Score, Nothern Hemisphere
working Southern Hemisphere Paid
W1KM Top Score, Single-Op Scandinavia Paid
W2GD Team Top QSOs, NA/SA by EU Station Paid
W7RH Top Score, Asia Single-Op Low-Power Paid
WA6CDR Top # Grids, N5IA Memorial Paid

If you would like to add another plaque to this list - please contact
tree at in the next 7 days.

73 Tree N6TR
Temporary Plaquemeister - Boring Amateur Radio Club

On Sat, Dec 21, 2019 at 7:16 AM Andy Blank <andyn2nt at> wrote:

> Happy holidays everyone.
> Please check out the rules page for the upcoming CQ160 Contest in 2020.
> There have been some changes, mostly for the better I hope.
> These include:
> Low Power is now limited to 100W only.
> Assistance is allowed in QRP category.
> Single Op Low Power now has both Assisted and Unassisted categories..
> Some language has been changed to make things clearer, and to be uniform
> with other CQ Contest rules.
> Please also check out the PLAQUES that have been sponsored.
> There are some plaques that are not yet funded, and we are looking for more
> sponsors. Any additional categories can be offered as well if you have an
> idea.
> Send me an email and I will forward to K1DG our plaque manager, who can
> arrange it for you.
> Rules here:
> Plaques here:
> 73, Andy N2NT
> Director CQ160 Contest
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