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Sat May 4 13:15:36 EDT 2019

I had an inv L with two FCP radials. The radials were not in an optimum direction. And I had a difficult time working NA, i.e in the direction were I did not have FCP radials. I had the impression that it was not an efficient antenna. This season I installed a 21m/70 feet tall toploaded vertical with abt 25 ground radials evenly spread out. After that I could work all directions, and my signal was as well much better RBN wise. However, if you have space limitations, I would definitely advise trying a FCP radial system. 

73 Ken

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4. mai 2019, 19:05 kl. 19:05 skrev "Chortek, Robert L." <robert.chortek at>:
>I’m using a a top loaded vertical with 12 elevated 1/8 wave radials
>with an isolation transformer at the feed point.  I have no basis for
>comparison BUT I have no trouble being heard in JA, VK, DU, etc.
>running legal limit.  Resonant elevated radials (counterpoise) are not
>required for good performance.
>I’ll duck now....
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>> On May 4, 2019, at 9:23 AM, N4ZR <n4zr at> wrote:
>> At the risk of setting off a food-fight, I'm interested in opinions
>on shortened radials (T or loaded) versus the K2AC/W0UCE folded
>counterpoise design.  W8JI has an interesting unfinished page
><> attacking the FCP. 
>Tom's a combative fella, but he's also very smart.  I am putting up an
>inverted L, trying to avoid having to lay down 6000 or even 750 feet of
>on-the ground radials, and don't really have room for resonant elevated
>radials on 160.
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