Topband: FCP versus loaded or "T" radialsradials

Wes wes_n7ws at
Sat May 4 14:15:57 EDT 2019

I'm with Tom.  I probably have one of the more challenging situations around for 
installing on-the-ground radials in my cactus patch.  (See my QRZ page for a 
hint)  Nevertheless, after studying the available literature, particularly Rudy 
Severns', I opted for them.  I need more, but currently I have eighteen 55' long 
insulated, on the ground, radials (1000' of 14 AWG).  The Inverted L is 55' 
vertical, the rest horizontal.  By serendipity, the radials are resonant at 
about 1850 kHz.

Wes N7WS

On 5/4/2019 9:14 AM, N4ZR wrote:
> At the risk of setting off a food-fight, I'm interested in opinions on 
> shortened radials (T or loaded) versus the K2AC/W0UCE folded counterpoise 
> design.  W8JI has an interesting unfinished page 
> <> attacking the FCP.  Tom's a 
> combative fella, but he's also very smart.  I am putting up an inverted L, 
> trying to avoid having to lay down 6000 or even 750 feet of on-the ground 
> radials, and don't really have room for resonant elevated radials on 160.

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