Topband: FCP versus loaded or "T" radialsradials

Joe Galicic galicic at
Sat May 4 18:12:16 EDT 2019

Pete.  I use an inverted L over K2AV FCP on my tiny quarter acre lot in Point Of Rocks, MD. It has made all the difference in the world for my results on 160 meters.  Before the FCP I used and inverted L with limited ground radials.  Once I installed the FCP and worked (many many hours, thank you Guy) with Guy (K2AV) to get it working properly my performance on 160 meters went through the roof.  It is responsible for finishing DXCC + and WAS in the course of a year.  I can’t say enough for the K2AV FCP on small lots !!  Please go forward with confidence that the K2AV FCP will work well for you too.  -Joe N3HEE

> On May 4, 2019 at 12:14 PM N4ZR <n4zr at> wrote:
> At the risk of setting off a food-fight, I'm interested in opinions on 
> shortened radials (T or loaded) versus the K2AC/W0UCE folded 
> counterpoise design.  W8JI has an interesting unfinished page 
> <> attacking the FCP.  
> Tom's a combative fella, but he's also very smart.  I am putting up an 
> inverted L, trying to avoid having to lay down 6000 or even 750 feet of 
> on-the ground radials, and don't really have room for resonant elevated 
> radials on 160.
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