Topband: AM interference on 1840

Edward Sawyer sawyered at
Tue May 21 05:32:24 EDT 2019

While the harmonic interference is unacceptable and needs to be dealt with,
isn't this only "a crisis" because of the simplistic FT8 solution of
bunching everyone up on a small channel?  It reminds me of the old CB days
when something would happen on a certain channel but no one would move
because they have always had the radio on channel 2 and that's where all
their buddies are.  Or the 75M pig farmers that refuse to move but complain
and harass on QRM that was there before their daily time started.

For those of us using CW on topband, this isn't a real problem except for a
contest weekend.  And honestly, it will just get moved around, like the
Middle East jammer on 3807.


Ed  N1UR

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