Topband: Drones for antenna installation?

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Actually Gary, if you added the weight to the front of the arrow as I
describe, it drops right through all the branches no problem, but has
accuracy.  Trust me, I know.  I have missed a shot or 2, cleared many trees,
and it still drops right to the ground.  Without the weight, I used to lose
arrows all the time.




Ed  N1UR


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The reason I now only use the spud is I 

have no single easy tree to get over, it's 

a forest I have to shoot into, and the 

arrow is too light to bring itself down 

through the branches with a fishing line 



I first used slingshots & the lead weight 

was hard to find in the woods. Then I 

tried arrows where I was having them hang 

in the branches. The spud weighs about a 

pound and it drops right through the 

branches, never hangs up.


If someone is shooting over a stand-alone 

tree, an arrow or slingshot would likely 

be perfect.







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