Topband: Ethernet Interference

Mike Waters mikewate at
Sat Sep 7 17:39:09 EDT 2019

14 turns of CAT5 wound on a 2.4" #31 core works for me on 160-40!

However, he is interested in 2m. Is another mix and less turns more
suitable? I suggest that K9YC'S rfi-ham pdf be consulted to get it right
the first time.

73, Mike

On Sat, Sep 7, 2019, 3:00 PM fmoeves <fmoeves at> wrote:

> 2nd try?? I got rid of mine by winding many turns on 31 mix.First choke
> was right at very first internet box. And then at the pc. Also everything
> that enters my pc has 31 mix choke even the power cable.I still get birdies
> from washing machine and treadmill but I'll get to that
> sometime. DXEnginering has some boxes that has rj45 connecters on
> them. Never used them but plug and play. Fred KB4QZH
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