Topband: Ethernet Interference

Dan Edward Dba East edwards dan.n.edwards at
Mon Sep 9 10:55:14 EDT 2019

 Trevor, for what it's worth, I have found that not all SMPS's (switch mode power supplies ) are the same; some of the small-ish wall warts  spray tons of r.f. hash, others, fairly video cam supply was incredibly noisy here; i put a spare netgear supply on it, and poof, gone.. mind you, i'm talking 160m, here..
If it's easy to swap it out, might be worth a try, anyway...and lots cheaper than ferrite..
good luck, w5xz, dan

    On Saturday, September 7, 2019, 02:51:46 PM CDT, fmoeves <fmoeves at> wrote:  
 I got rid of mine by winding many turns on 31 mix.First choke was right at very first internet box. And then at the pc. Also everything that enters my pc has 31 mix choke even the power cable.I still get birdies from washing machine and treadmill but I'll get to that sometime. DXEnginering has some boxes that has rj45 connecters on them. Never used them but plug and play. Fred KB4QZH 
-------- Original message --------From: MR TREVOR DUNNE <ei2glb at> Date: 9/7/19  2:22 PM  (GMT-05:00) To: 'Moon-net Amateur Radio Moonbounce' <moon-net at>, 'topband List' <topband at> Subject: Topband: Ethernet Interference Hi AllI seen a post somewhere recently explaining that it was a waste of time putting ferrite on either utp or stp Ethernet cables, I can't remember which, or where I read it, I am trying to remove some birdies on 2m caused by home network,Anyone have any pointers, I have a large amount of cat cable around my house so don't want to replace it with the wrong type,ThanksTrevorEI2GLB_________________Searchable Archives: - Topband Reflector
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