Topband: Relationship Between Ground Wave and Low-Angle Radiation

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Now that I think about it a bit -- I wonder if you put up a small vertical off to the side toward the W3LPL RBN and fed some power into it 
as a reference signal then fed the tower with that little vertical open and fix up switching so you could switch between the two several 
times for each reading and get a repeatable delta - then add radials and look at the new deltas if this trial worked out ?? 

Closest RBN I have on160 is KO7SS down on Mt Lemon in Tuscon (107 miles) and I have never been able to tell anything because of qsb over such short periods of time - takes me about 5 min to change the two configurations I want to compare. 

Hank K7HP 

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| I don't think I've ever read anything on this topic. Basically, what
| I'm asking is, could ground wave to a fairly nearby Skimmer be used as
| an analogue to low-angle radiation to assess the effectiveness of radial
| systems on an inverted L? W3LPL is about 30 miles from me and has a
| very capable Skimmer Server-based RBN node.

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