Topband: Relationship Between Ground Wave and Low-Angle Radiation

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Fri Sep 13 13:13:22 EDT 2019


Interesting idea to be sure...Regardless of the "theoretical" answer. I 
would suggest you take daily readings (probably between 11AM and 1PM) 
for a month and log those before starting to add radials. If day in and 
day out you get variation of more than a few tenth's of a db the W3LPL 
RBN is not likely a good choice� for this project.

How many radials do you have now and� how many are you prepared to add? 
AS you get more and more radials the incremental effect of going from 4 
to 8 will be much more noticeable than going from 24 to 28


On 9/13/2019 9:31 AM, N4ZR wrote:
> I don't think I've ever read anything on this topic.� Basically, what 
> I'm asking is, could ground wave to a fairly nearby Skimmer be used as 
> an analogue to low-angle radiation to assess the effectiveness of 
> radial systems on an inverted L?� W3LPL is about 30 miles from me and 
> has a very capable Skimmer Server-based RBN node.

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