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Jeremy Maris jeremy at
Thu Sep 19 13:40:33 EDT 2019

That depends upon the length of the feedline: cheap copper plated satellite RG6 has a *lot* of attenuation at 2MHz, as much as 3.6dB per 100m

We have a 750m coax feed to our beverages and attenuation DOES matter on long feed lines. We had ~ 25dB !

Caveat emptor.

Jeremy G3XDK/G4AQG

> On 19 Sep 2019, at 17:57, K4SAV <RadioXX at> wrote:
> Don't worry about feedline loss for a Beverage.  A few dB loss isn't going to make any difference at all.  You can worry about feedline loss for transmit antennas, not for receiving antennas.
> Jerry, K4SAV
> On 9/19/2019 10:17 AM, Kevin Shea via Topband wrote:
>> I have read that the skin effect at 2 MHz may be deeper than the copper coating on a copper covered steel inner conductor of most RG6 cables.  Thus, as I plan for long cable runs back from my (to be installed) Beverages I am thinking I need either solid copper, solid aluminum,. or copper covered aluminum for my RG6 coax.  So the question is am I wrong in this understanding?
>> Also, does the shield matter?  It's not very thick so does a foil and 60% aluminum shield do the job?  Or should I be looking at a foil and 95 percent copper shield like the Belden 1694.
>> I know it may not be too material but I want to make an informed decision.
>> Thanks! and
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>> Kevin, N9JKP
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