Topband: 1610 KHz AM Channel in USA

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Hi Mike, 

Think again :) 

1610 is by far the most popular Travellers Information Station (TIS) 
frequency, followed by 530 kHz, then by many frequencies above 
1610 kHz 

There are twelve TIS stations in Missouri, only five on 530 kHz 


IMF’s spiral path 

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I thought those roadside TIS stations are on 530 khz, Larry. Are they also 
on 1610? Anyway, thanks for sharing! 

73 Mike 

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> Been testing my new SW Beverage using the 1610 kHz channel. This channel 
> is mostly (if not entirely) low power stations - including the TIS 
> services. I have one about 25 miles SW of me for the Tillamook Burn. It 
> isn't very strong here - but I can hear it. 
> This morning, a few hours after sunrise - the frequency is full of 
> chatter. Using different Beverages brings out different voices. 
> A very useful tool for testing your RX antennas during the daytime. 
> Tree N6TR 
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