Topband: 1610 KHz AM Channel in USA

Rob Atkinson ranchorobbo at
Sat Jul 4 19:35:03 EDT 2020

>All of this success for BCB listening doesn't mean jack on 160 meters.

>On the BCB, you are never fighting noise, rather just separating different
>stations. They did also do that on 160 meters, for example, letting me
>work JA's even when stateside stations were also calling me.

I'm not following the reasoning here.  How are listeners never
fighting noise below 1710 kc?   In some cases noise (or by noise are
we thinking of QRM?) is worse on medium wave broadcast channels
because noise is usually AM and so are the desired signals.  Also the
receiver passband is wide.   Those TIS stations usually run only 30 to
50 watts and use physically small antennas.



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