Topband: Late summer trans-polar condx from VE6

steve babcock ve6wz at
Fri Sep 18 18:58:38 EDT 2020

On August 24 I had my first EU QSO with Pat ON7PQ.  Since then the band has been open most nights as long as the geo-mag activity is low enough.  In the last few weeks I have had 42 CW QSO with Europe on 160m.  Usually between 3 to 6 QSOs per evening.

The band has even opened up to more south and east Europe with SP3HLM, and IV3PRK making it into the log.  A few weeks ago I also had good copy on Rino IK7JTF during his CQ.

Here is a list of the calls in the log so far:

This summer I added another 400’ spaced, 1,000’ long phased Beverage pair at 21 deg for north EU to augment my existing 45 deg pair.  The new pair seems to be working well.

73, es lets hope the trans-polar band conditions continue to improve even more!
de steve ve6wz

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