Tom Lindtveit Tom@utd.com
Wed, 7 Aug 1996 06:25:46 -0400

>Something I learned many years ago as a farmer who came in contact with
>wasps fairly regularly was that the pain and swelling can be taken out =
of a
>wasp sting quite effectively by swabbing the stung spot with a rag or a =
>of cotton wool soaked in rubbing alcohol. I have no particular allergy =
>insect stings, but without this treatment, I do get lots of pain and =
>swelling. If I get an alcohol soaked swab on the sting reasonably =
>very minor swelling and pain results.

Hi Bill and Everyone,
 Thanks for pointing out a remedy, it minded me that I have one that may =
be of use to you and the other unfortunates. Next time you get stung, =
wet the area and sprinkle liberally with "Adolfs Meat Tenderizer". Yeah =
I know it sounds nuts, but  few years ago I stuck my hand in a black =
wasps nest that I couldn't see. I got nailed bad! Though I'd be out of =
comission for a day or so. My cousin from Texas ran to her camper and =
came out with the meat tenderizer. I laughed, I knew it coudln't help =
much. I must have gotten stung at least 6 times. She spit on the area =
and spread on the tenderizer. UNBELIEVABLE! In 15 minutes, I was back to =
work. I had no after affects at all. Apparently theres something in MSG =
that breaks down the protien in the bee's "poison". I swear by that =
stuff now.=20
 The usual disclaimers apply "I have no association with Adolphs meat =
terderizer, etc....."

Hope this helps someone.
73 de Tom, N2GQS