Trylon / Titan Towers?? (Rolfe Tessem) (Rolfe Tessem)
Tue, 13 Aug 96 09:23:59 -0400 (Scott Neader) writes:

> Now my question: KE2VB mentioned that a lot of guys on the east
> coast have put up Titan Self Supporting Towers, made by Trylon
> Mfg. of Ontario.  I called Trylon (519-669-5421) and got Jon
> Martin's voice mail.  I asked for info to be faxed, and he did.
> WOW!!  Cool stuff!!  Check these Max. Wind Thrust Values:

Hi Scott,

I recently bought a used Rohn SSV series tower and in the process,
became acquainted with the fact that Rohn has some attractive amateur
packages of these self-supporting towers, which are normally used in
commercial service. These are tapered, three-sided models.

You ought to give Rohn a call and ask them to send their catalog which
describes the whole series and also about the special ham packages.


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