Summary: Guy Anchors

Tom Lindtveit
Wed, 28 Aug 1996 16:49:31 -0500

>I spoke with the machinist at work and we're both in agreement that=20
>a heavy piece of angle stock would do the trick.  This will allow me
>to us two or three bolts to secure the angle stock to the roof which
>will double my holding power.  I can then drill a couple of holes in=20
>the vertical portion of the angle stock to attach the guy wires.  I=20
>guess this will work as pretty good equalizing plate at the same time.

Hey Rich, a word of caution here. I work in the mechanical field and =
have had angle stock fail in the way you intend to use it. The material =
is not designed to take a load in the way you plan, and one of two =
things can happen: A) the material can fail along the length of the =
corner edge, or B) the material will attempt to bend along the bolt hole =
line and then fail. You are much better off with a piece of 1/2" to 3/4" =
plate with holes near the four corners and a ring in the middle. This =
will put the bolts in tension, rather than a semi-torsion effect.=20
 If you still go with the angle plate, please take the time to weld some =
gussets on either side of the attachment point. good luck es be safe.
de Tom, N2GQS