Torque arms necessary?
Mon, 10 Jun 1996 01:20:05 -0400

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>Understand about guy assemblies. I will be using them. However, Rohn sells
>the torque arms separately. Locally they're about $100 a set of three. In
>Rohn catalog (the short, ham version) torque arms aren't listed in the bill
>of materials for the various tower examples.
Kris --

      I think there's a little confusion.  Are the torque arms that you're
referring to the foot long-or-so steel bars that attach to the tower and guy
wires are attached to them (GA25G)?  This is opposed to the guy assemblies
(GA25GD) that have oval rings on the end of them for guy wire attachment.  

     Rohn came out with the current product to upgrade to one of the recent
TIA-222 revisions.  When they did their calculations, they found the "old"
torque arms really didn't contribute anything to the torsional resistance of
the tower.  What they did do was keep the twist down as it was being climbed.
 They discontinued the old product but hams put up such a fuss that they
re-introduced them.  If you use the current guy attachments and tension the
guy wires properly, there's not much need to have the old torque arms
installed IMO.

      Sorry for the confusion.

73,  Steve   K7LXC