antennas and feedline

ken smith
Sat, 15 Jun 1996 21:52:59 -0400

Don't model it, just do it. I ran a 20/40 duel bander at 65 ft with a 10/15
duel bander 10 ft above that and 80/160 inverted vees below. it worked quite

Ken   VA3SK

At 07:32 AM 6/15/96 -0700, you wrote:
>Hi all,
>     I don't have antenna modeling software and with the subject arising
>recently, I became concerned. I am very much in the process of putting
>up a new tower and antennas and wonder if someone can model these for 
>me? The tower is 72' freestanding, @ 2' above tower (74') will be a 
>Force 12 EF 420/240  4 element 20 monobander w/ 2 element 40 monobander,
>and 6' above that will be a Force 12 4BA 12 element beam which consists
>of 6 on 10,12,15 and 17 meters. Below that I plan to put an array of
>slopers or whatever for 80 and maybe an inverted vee for 160, all 
>attached to or near the top of the tower.  Anyone?????
>     Also, I can get fairly new hardline locally here at a reasonable
>price, but it is aluminum shielded and not copper. Also I would have
>to make up my own fittings to accomodate this stuff. Is there really
>a big difference in the copper/aluminum shielding to warrant my concern?
>It is 50 ohm and the making of fittings,I suppose, wouldn't be a "major"
>hassle.  Could really use some reliable advice before I get this up.
>Thanks for reading this. 73, Jeff     N3MLV