Rotator Grease

David L. Thompson
Fri, 04 Oct 1996 12:18:35 -0400

Ski mobile grease is probably  great, but not easy to get in the sunbelt.

>>A friend said that "Lubriplate" used to be the best choice.  Is it
>>still desirable for use in a northern climate?
>>Thanks,  John  WA0VQR

Lubriplate (also know as Lub-Rex et al) comes in a yellow or green color.
The Yellow grease
works fine between -90 centigrade and + 80 centigrade.    Its better than
that but the manufacturers are conservative.    It works and its not very
expensive.   My first batch was a left over gallon drum from a it
works very well in liquid including salt water.  It also stands up to acid
rain.   So John...yes unless you run temps lower than -90C for extended periods.

You can get into space rated grease lubricant (I purchased some for UNAM for
use in UMANSAT-B) and it gets into over $100 per several oz.

Dave K4JRB

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