Getting Cables In and Out

Eric Rosenberg Eric Rosenberg <>
Wed, 9 Oct 1996 22:54:55 -0400 (EDT)

In my work for one of those dreaded Little-LEO companies, I've
been designing and installing remotely-operated (and equally remotely
located) satellite earth stations. 

One of the most difficult issues is getting cables into and out of
buildings. All of the commercial products I had come across were designed
for the broadcast industry, and therefore quite large (cumbersome to
install) and exexpensive. 

That is, until recently. I've run across a really nice product from a
company called Electro Mechanical Industries in Houston, Texas
(800-453-0050). They make a "Waveguide Entry System and Frames" that are
perfect for my needs both at work (4 heliax runs and three control cables)
and at home (6 cables of varying sizes). 

The frame I'm getting for work is a rectangular frame approx 18-1/2" x
5.5" that fits into a 17 x 2.5" hole. Inside the frame are square, dense,
rubber blocks that can be trimmed to fit cables from roughly 4mm on up. To
get an exact fit, you strip away layers of the inside of the block. Then
you put the block around the cable and insert the block into teh frame.
Tighten it all and you have a waterproof seal. 

It sounds a lot harder and complicated than it is...believe me, this is a
simple device. And affordable. The cost for the unit I mention above is
$135 complete with enough blocks for 24, 1/2" or 9, 7/8" cables or
combination of the two. 

I have *no* connection to these folks other than delight in having
found what for me has been a difficult product to locate. 

The guy I talked to knew nothing about the amateur radio market. I gave
him Steve Morris' (Tower Tech) name, and mentioned this mailing list.    




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