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C. Logan Dietz (KE5FI)
Wed, 16 Oct 1996 10:37:28 -0700

> Michael Causey wrote:
> >
> > Hello gentlemen:
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> > I would like to put up elevated guy-wire supports, approx 5-6 feet above ground.  What type pipe material should I use and how wide and deep 
should I make the holes?  The tower will be 100 ft of r 25g.  Thanks, 

I went to a scrap yard and bought 4 1/2" drill stem and had them burn a 
hole in it for the bolt to hold the guy plate.  My pipes were 14' long 
and I dug a 3' hole and used one or two bags of sackcrete.  I lean them 
slightly back and back guy them to an 8" screw anchor burried all the way 
into the ground and about 2' behind the post.  With the post 10' or 11' 
out of the ground, the top is almost directly over the screw anchor.

This method puts the guys totally out of the way and effectively improves 
the angle of the guys.  You can reduce the height of the tower by the 
height of the post when calculating where to put the posts.

Of course, the trade off is the necessity of a ladder to reach the ends.


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