Fwd: 204CA tuning problems

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Fri, 18 Oct 1996 09:23:45 -0400

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Subj:    204CA tuning problems
Date:    96-10-16 17:54:49 EDT
From:    AA4NC
To:      towertalk@contesting.com

I just built a HyGAin 204 and used the supposedly computer optimized 204CA
dimensions from N6BV's antenna book. The dimensions of the element lengths
and spacing are greatly changed from the stock 204BA. When I put it up, it
wasn't even in the ballpark performance wise (as compared to my other 204BA)
and the SWR curve was not good (very narrow).  It made me suspect of the
changes (since the stock 204BA had always matched up and played well). I
wondered if there was something I was missing, like changes needed in the
Beta match or something? Does anyone have any experience with this ant.? I
guess I can always make it a 204BA - I know they work well...

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