Are all black Zip cable ties UV resistant?

Jay O'Brien - W6GO
Fri, 18 Oct 1996 18:56:40 -0700 (PDT)

> I have heard that the plastic zip-locking cable ties that are UV resistant are 
> black. Most of the packages I have seen do not say anyting about 
> being UV resistant or for outdoor use. Are all black ones for outdoor 
> use or do you have to be careful in selecting them?
> Paul  


I have literally hundreds of EXPENSIVE certified uv resistant cable ties
on my messengers to the towers.  The older ones are black and some of the
newer ones are blue.  I don't have enough experience with the blue ones,
but even the $1/each black T&B ties are only good for 8-10 years here.  I
am now protecting cable ties with several wraps of Scotch 88, with the
last wrap applied WITHOUT TENSION so it won't unwrap and make "flags" 
that flap in the wind.  Scotch 88 (and 33) seems to last forever. 

My suggestion: if you need a cable tie for strength you can't get with 
tape, use a cheapie cable tie of any color and protect it from uv with 
Scotch 88.

73, Jay

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