Are all black Zip cable ties UV resistant?

Jan & Del Seay
Sat, 19 Oct 1996 08:15:47 -0700

Frank Donovan wrote:

> Many commercial tower companies use a few twists of Type THHN solid wire
> to support cables on towers.  A few years ago when I last bought it, a
> 500 foot roll of #12 solid THHN wire was only $6.50 from McMaster-Carr.
> I've tried cable ties on towers, but they invariably become brittle and
> fail.  Some take longer than others, but eventually I replace them with
> #12 solid THHN or Scotch 88.
> 73!
> Frank

Hi Frank:  Don't know of any "Professional" riggers that use that
method, and would be suspicious if I saw them. Pros use coax
hangers to properly hang coax and waveguide.
It is too easy to cause dimpling with anything that wraps around
the coax and a leg. (Tye-Wraps included.)
The better method, if hangers are too spendy for the install, would
be the "Tower-Tape" that DB Products sells. It is a UV protected
filament tape, but only good for a couple of years if unprotected.
On budget jobs, I use the Tower-Tape every 15 inches or so and then a
wrap of Scotch 88 over it. The scotch bonds well enough with the
filament to last a long time.
See ya'  de KL7HF

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