[TowerTalk] Gap Vertical

Martin Gary n3hrt@eagle1.eaglenet.com
Fri, 01 Aug 1997 22:10:43 -0400

Hi all,

I'm afraid that I'm going to start a big thread with this one... I'm
sure this has been talked to death, and in my defense I DID look in the
archives before posting this. 

Here's the deal. I have about $300.00 to spend and I want to buy an
antenna that will cover 40-10 meters. I considered a tri-band beam, but
then I would still be looking for something for the WARC bands. Besides,
getting a beam is just the tip of the iceberg. You still have to buy a
rotor, and everyone knows how expensive they are. So, after looking thru
all of my catalogs, I decided that one of the Gap verticals might be a
good choice. I think the Titan DX is the one that  would work best for
my needs. I have a 40ft. telephone pole that I could mount it on. 

So, after making that decision, I starting asking around about them,
trying to find someone who actually had one to see how they perform,
Everyone I talked to either hates them or loves them..(none of these
poeple have actually owned one)
I KNOW that they fall way short of the performance of a beam, but how do
they compare with other verticals, dipoles, etc.... Whats the real story
with them? Are they worth  messing with or what???

Any comments, suggestions, or alternative ideas would be greatly

Martin, N3HRT.

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