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Samir Popaja ihe96spo@student2.lth.se
Mon, 04 Aug 1997 11:30:41 +0200

At 22:10 1997-08-01 -0400, you wrote:
>Hi all,
>I'm afraid that I'm going to start a big thread with this one... I'm
>sure this has been talked to death, and in my defense I DID look in the
>archives before posting this. 
>Here's the deal. I have about $300.00 to spend and I want to buy an
>antenna that will cover 40-10 meters. I considered a tri-band beam, but
>then I would still be looking for something for the WARC bands. Besides,
>getting a beam is just the tip of the iceberg. You still have to buy a
>rotor, and everyone knows how expensive they are. So, after looking thru
>all of my catalogs, I decided that one of the Gap verticals might be a
>good choice. I think the Titan DX is the one that  would work best for
>my needs. I have a 40ft. telephone pole that I could mount it on. 
>So, after making that decision, I starting asking around about them,
>trying to find someone who actually had one to see how they perform,
>Everyone I talked to either hates them or loves them..(none of these
>poeple have actually owned one)
>I KNOW that they fall way short of the performance of a beam, but how do
>they compare with other verticals, dipoles, etc.... Whats the real story
>with them? Are they worth  messing with or what???
>Any comments, suggestions, or alternative ideas would be greatly
>Martin, N3HRT.
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Hello Martin!

I suggest you to try Carolina windom from The Radio Works. It's very good
wire antenna and covered 160-10 (include WARC band). You have some
different models
to choose. 
Carolina Windom 160 (covered 160-10m) 109.95 $
Carolina Windom  80 (covered  80-10m)  79.95 $
Carolina Windom  40 (covered  40-10m)  79.95 $

Look at http://www.radioworks.com and you can find many more infos.

73' Samir SM7VZX

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