N connectors-BAD DEAL!!!

Rich Dailey, KA8OKH ka8okh@som-uky.campus.mci.net
Sat, 01 Feb 1997 06:43:57 -0500

At 03:18  2/1/97 -0800, you wrote:
>k4sb@avana.net wrote:
>> They have a NEW N connector which installs basically the same way a PL-259 does...No fooling
>> with brushes, washers, gasgets, ect.

>Ed, those "PL-259 like" N connectors are real bad news.  They are not 50
>Ohms. Look inside the connector.  You will see that the "terrain" inside
>is irregular.  They are very poor at VHF and higher.  Stay away from
>these.  Not having to fool with brushes, washers, gaskets is NO
>savings!  I use N connectors exclusively on all my outdoor connections
>for my HF and VHF cables.  I have over 60 N connectors in my outdoor
>cable system which includes RG-213 and LDF-4-50A Andrew hardline.
>Bill, N3RR

I have to echo Bill's sentiments... there are inexpensive connectors out there
that are, shall we say, "less than optimum" quality.  I recently had a client in
the cable industry come to me with a problem that I traced to faulty 'N'
connectors.  I sweep tested a few of these connectors out of the package,
and they consistantly showed severe impedance bumps.  In the end, it
cost my customer a couple $k in labor and customer complaints.

While this is just a hobby (I have to remind myself sometimes), don't cheat
yourself.  Good quality connectors and connections are a must for efficient
power transfer to and from your antenna, especially at vhf and above.

cheers... rich

Rich Dailey - KA8OKH <ka8okh@som-uky.campus.mci.net>
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