40M Beam and Mast

Stan Griffiths w7ni@teleport.com
Tue, 4 Feb 1997 13:51:53 -0800 (PST)

>Hi Everyone,
>I got a question for you. Do you think a 4130 Cromolly Mast 20' x 2" x
.375" would hold a KLM 2 EL. 40 meter beam (45lbs - 6 ft2 - 16' boom) 15
feet above the tower? I will be using a thrust bearing. Let me know what you
>Thanks and 73,
>John - WM9U

Hi John,

Why don't you calculate the stresses on the mast with that load on it and
get the answer that way?  I think it is a marginal situation, but that is
just a guess.  I would calulate it before putting it up.  Lowering the beam
by 5 feet on the mast would improve the situation a lot if the calculations
indicate it won't work at 15 feet.  The formulas for doing this were
published in the NCJ two different times in the past.  I can't remember
which issues . . .

Stan  w7ni@teleport.com

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