Opinions...BEST HEIGHT?

Ed Tanton n4xy@avana.net
Tue, 04 Feb 1997 16:59:44 -0500

Hi Tom,

I THINK the answer still should be: as high as you can get it-with the
provisos that it is intended to mainly work DX, and that putting it 'there'
won't interfere with anything-as you pointed out. Mostly because-on my city
lot-I can't really get antennas all that high. I had 3 successive G5RVs
come down from trees at only 45 feet despite every (I think) trick in the
book (springs, suspended weights, pulleys, etc. etc.-it occurs to me I
never tried a 'NON-inverted' Vee-perhaps THAT would have allowed enough
lateral give.) I am sort-of on a hill, and my trees will get to whipping in
a storm, and sooner or later one whips E as the other whips W and goodbye
to even #12 copperweld! The final solution was to mount it at abt 25-30
feet... but-alas-it is not 1/3 the antenna (as far as getting out is
concerned) that it was 15-20 feet higher.

I once (the 'one' mentioned above as '3 G5RVs') had a G5RV at about 45-50
feet (running somewhat S of E to somewhat N of W)-mounted 25-35 feet SOUTH
of my yagi at the same height. I could HEAR the improvement in W2 / G etc.
(NE) with the boom of my yagi was pointed 'right' (as a director)... you
could hear it change. Nice to actually be able to perceive real-world
illustration of what the theory sez!!!

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