Concord - A Turn For The Worse

Joe Spinosa
Wed, 5 Feb 97 00:04:58 UT

I just love these notices I get from the city only hours away from important 

Today's mail had a real gem.  It's a report to the planning commission 
prepared by staff, for the public hearing concerning my tower permit 
application TOMORROW NIGHT.

The staff recommends the project be "denied without prejudice".

I thought the study session went very well.  I thought the city attorney made 
it clear that denial was really not an option.  Oh well.

They cite incompatibility with the existing neighborhood as their sole reason. 
 They suggest that the applicant pursue less obtrusive antennas such as "flat 
panels, small dishes, and shorter monopoles without cross elements" (whatever 
that means).  The applicant could re-apply and go through this whole 6 month 
process all over again!  Cheers!

I'm still going to go tomorrow night and give it my best shot, but with the 
staff recommendation against me, I don't hold out much hope.  Very little 

I'll be smiling as usual.

Anyone ever hear of a commission ruling the opposite way from staff 

Best Regards,
Joe Spinosa
Concord, CA

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