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Steve Sawyers n0yvy
Sun, 09 Feb 1997 19:38:14 -0600

Paul W. Hansen wrote:
> Steve,
> How can I get a copy of TIA-222-F.  I'm not interested in reinventing
> the wheel but I would like to take a look at the standard foundation
> design information.  I live in Atlanta and usually design footings for
> structures at about 3000 pounds per square foot on undisturbed Georgia
> clay.  I propose a self supporting 72 footer near the foundation of my
> house.  Part of the foundation is 4 feet below grade for a basement.
> Placement of the tower might impact on some less stable soil conditions
> and I would like to see if there are any design suggestions to
> compensate for that.
> Thanks, Paul W6XA/4

EIA Standards, Publications, and Standards Proposals are available from: 
Global Engineering Documents a division of IHS
15 Inverness Way, Englewood, Colorado 80112 5704.

For pricing, member discounts, quantity discounts, ordering, or to
obtain additional information please call 1 800 854 7179;
internationally 303/397 7956. 

EIA is the umbrella organization to which TIA belongs. They are
available on the web at:

Global Engineering Documents does take credit cards. ithink it is about
$85 or $90.

The standard does not state the design soil capability, but I calle dthe
chairman a few years ago and her referred me to another technical
committee member. I could did through my old notes to find the names if
you really need them. Anyway he told me that the bearing loads assumed
in the standard were 4000 psf vertically and 400 psf/ft depth laterally.
By the way, I think these are the same numbers used in the Rohn

I would like your permission to repost this the Towertalk reflector as I
think it has information they might find interesting.

73 de n0yvy steve

Post away.  I'll bet soil conditions don't get looked at too much.  I
know we have poor compaction, good "perc" though!

73 Paul w6xa/4

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