Towerbase -- how close to a house?

Lee Hallin
Mon, 10 Feb 97 02:09:09 PST

I am in the process of making a "plot plan" (something the city requires) in 
preparation, I hope, to getting a building permit for a tower (50' 
self-supporting crankup).  One of the things I have to figure out (and 
indicate) is where the tower base will be relative to everything else on the 
lot.  I am putting the tower centered along the back of my house.  The base 
is supposed to be 7'D x 3.5' x 3.5'.  I want the base to be as close to the 
house as possible.

  I want to make SURE that I don't dig close enough to the house so as to    
  "under mine" (dirt fall into the hole from the foundation side of the      
  hole) the foundation.  The area where I will be digging is currently under 
  a concrete patio which extends (and has for 8 years) from the foundation   
  out (toward the backyard) about 8 feet.

My idea is to leave a 3 foot gap between the foundation and the tower base.

Does this seem far enough away from the foundation?  I plan to start digging 
in June; give or take.  

Comments?  TIA

73, Lee  WB7SND (ex XR0Z)

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