Crankup safety

Dave Wright
Thu, 13 Feb 1997 15:56:03 -0800

Which to me brings up an interesting question.  How much weight can the
cables support?  I recently watched a 300lb. person climb a Tri-Ex LM354
ALMOST nested (the standoff's stop it from fully nesting) where only the
cable was supporting him.  Yes, he survived but it looked awful hairy to

73 de Dave

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>To All...
>I climb my crank-up (TRIEX DX-70) *ONLY* when it is fully retracted and 
>blocked.  I have used the ladder against the bottom section technique 
>(tower fully retracted) and have come to the conclusion there is far 
>more hazard using a ladder which can easily slide off the side of the 
>tower.  Yes, I tied the ladder to the tower after I got to the top of it 
>- but it is still an iffy proposition.
>As for the blockers, I use two pieces of angle iron.  It takes a few 
>minutes to work the tower slightly up and down to get the iron properly 
>placed. But when it is inserted and the tower "nudged" a wee bit lower, 
>they are locked into place and almost all of the strain is removed from 
>the cables.  One piece of angle iron is probably enough - but I believe 
>in using both a belt and suspenders - and this spreads the load across 
>two sets of the diagonal braces.
>FYI, my crank-up has "positive pull-down" and there is a mechanical stop 
>only for the first moving section.  The other tower sections are 
>supported by the cables full-time.
>73 - Dick Isely, WD9GIG
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