Follow-up on traps as loads

Ed Jensen
Wed, 19 Feb 1997 10:43:20 -0600

Hi Roger,

At 03:12 PM 2/18/97 EST, you wrote:
>A Q of 100 for 10 and 15 meter traps seems very low.  I beleive that our
>trap coils are closer to Q=300.  I can measure them and post the results if
anyone is interested.

Roger, I have used Hygain dipoles and multi and single band beam antennas
since 1958 and have always admired the mechanical design and directivity.
Now I have to admit I am getting worried about trap loss.

I would be interested in knowing the coil Q, but more specifically, how a
trap beam (Iike the TH3 I am currently using) compares to a dipole at the
same height.

I was told by Ken (I forget his last name) at Dayton many years ago that you
used to measure ham antennas on a range, but last year at Dayton the fellow
who designed the 12-17m sleeve antenna told me the range is only used for
commercial antennas now.

Do you think you could steal a little time on the range and do an actual
trap beam to dipole comparison?

73, Ed
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