Question on 1:1 Baluns

Jay Terleski
Wed, 19 Feb 1997 13:31:56 -0600

Dear Luis,  Good questions.  And sorry I didn't make myself clearer from
my earlier post.

You can either strip off the cover and wind them tight on the torroid or
leave it on.  Either way works.  BUT if you take the cover off put it in
a WX-Proof enclosure so you don't get water in it.  Also do not touch
the shields together on adjacent windings.  For 14-30Mhz 5-6 turns will
be fine.  For 1.8-30mhz use 10 turns.

Happy balun-ing.

Jay, WX0B

Delgadillo,Luis wrote:
> Hello gentlemen,
> Back in November 26th,Jay placed an excellent tip
> in how to build a 1:1 balun using RG-142 and a 2.4" toroid (125u)
> ....well, I have already the materials, and  have the following questions:
> 1) Should I remove the outer jacket of the RG-142 cable prior
> wrapping it around  the toroid?
> 2) How the  spacing between turns should be, tight or loose?
> I already built one without removing the outer cable jacket,
> but the cable turns leave big loops. Is this OK?
> Thanks and best 73
> Luis XE2AC

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