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> A Question of Measurement
> 	In the latest (March 1997) issue of QST, I have written a column
> entitled:  "Talking to the Town."  I solicit contributions from this
> reflector, however, on how to present the issue of size to a town body.
> 	Rohn 25 is an antenna support structure 12 inches in face width. 
> Rohn 45 is 18 inches in face width.  Yet each is built with a lattice
> structure.  As a Volunteer Counsel, I think I'd like to make those
> measurements seem even smaller, if the right phrasing can be created. 
> Lattice towers have a lot of open air, so I'm thinking it ought to be
> possible to craft sentences such as:
> While carrying a 12 inch face, for each square foot of structure, only
> ____ square inches of that square foot is steel.  The rest is clear air.
> OR
> For each square foot of this structure's face, only ___ % is solid
> surface, dramatically reducing visibility.
> I would welcome your suggestions, calculations, or measurements, for Rohn
> and other towers..

Fred, why not do as we do and talk about apparent stuff is if it were 
real? "Effective Radiated Power," for example. We all know that only 
10 watts comes out of the radio and not much of it reaches the 
antenna, but we talk about gain x power = ERP and we're talking 
kilowatts. We even act like it's kilowatts.

Other marketers do it, too. Ever see a Sears ad for a table saw? They 
talk about a motor that "develops" 2HP so they can try to compete 
with a *real* saw that actually has a 3HP motor, but all the EEs on 
this net will tell you quickly that the 2HP developed is no where 
near the 3HP actual.

I would just add up the cross section in a ten foot section and fudge 
up 10% and then say it has the "effective visual impact" of a 
flagpole. Gets them thinking patriotically, too.

Feel free to inject my newly coined phrase, Effective Visual Impact, 
into the "antenna support structure" lexicon.

73, Rod N4SI
    The DXer formerly known as N9AKE
         (c) 5 November, 1996

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