[TowerTalk] Rotor load

Delgadillo,Luis Luis_Delgadillo@mx.xmex.xerox.com
Thu, 20 Feb 1997 14:07:51 PST

Hello again gentlemen,
I 've ordered a Force12 C-4SXL beam,
according to the specs it has 8.4 sq. ft of wind load.
The rotor I have is a -still on the box- Yaesu 450XL (10.7 sq. ft).
I will add only my 2M Cushcraft 5/8" vertical.
The area where I live the wind gusts rarely exceed 50 MPH. 
Questions are: 
-What I should expect in terms of Rotor life?
- Should I forget about it (450XL) and upgrade to the next model ?

Thanks in advance for your replies
73 de Luis XE2AC
E-mail: luis_delgadillo@mx.xmex.xerox.com
Grid DL81uv

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