T2X in Rohn 25

AA1K Jon Zaimes jon.zaimes@dol.net
Sat, 11 Jan 1997 20:14:20 -0500 (EST)

>>      Are you saying that you're currently using a T2X in 25G?  I didn't
>>think it would work.  Did you cut some tower diagonals to get it to fit?

I used T2X's in two separate Rohn 25 towers at my old QTH. Both were in the
"standard" rotor position just a few feet down from the top of the tower,
where there are no diagonals. The 100-foot tower had a 15-foot mast sticking
out about 13 feet above the top plate with a 204BA at 101 feet and a Wilson
4-el 15m yagi (17 ft boom) at 113 feet.

The 68-footer had an 18-foot mast with a 5-el 10m yagi at 70 feet and the
catenary for an 80m delta loop array attached at the tip of the mast. Both
of these towers had top guys attached at or very close to the top plate.

To mount the rotor lower in the tower would require removal of the diagonal
on at least one side to insert the rotor; it might need the diagonal to be
removed on all 3 sides to allow for rotor clearance.

I'm in the process of taking down a 100-foot Rohn 25 tower that had a
22-foot mast, with only about 5 feet sticking out. It had a Ham 4 turning
it, and all three diagonals had been removed, about 17 feet down from the
top of the tower.

73/Jon AA1K

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