[TowerTalk] Be careful.

Steve Weisbrod steve@gamecash.com
Tue, 24 Jun 97 09:39:00 -0600

Hello Towertalkins.
This weekend I brought my Hazer down and added a 80m sloper. It worked   
really well and I plan to add a bottom hat and coil to put it on 160m.
I was really kindof upset after I was finished because I could not find   
my favorite Swiss Army knife. I looked everywhere. Thats when I thought   
maybe I left it sit on the Hazer shelf. Well last night after work I   
started to crank the thing down. Thats when I heard something fall! Sure   
enough the knife came down blade open! It just missed me! Maybe Hard hats   
are a good idea you never know whats up there?

73 Steve W8GAZ  

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