[TowerTalk] Short Ants

fred cresce "facmop@erols.com"@erols.com
Fri, 02 May 1997 05:33:24 -0400

I hope this is ok to reply to a long e-mail from Ed N5NUG and another
engineer on the CTSVR. I am a happy user of the 'short ant.' At first I
thought it was another radiating dummy load like the GAP ant. After
giving Ed a hard time over the phone 2 summers ago about the price and  
"Does this antenna really work?" I purchased one and assembled the
antenna. I do a lot of AM work on 160M, and this is the hottest ant I
have ever used on this band. Consistent 10 and 20 over reports into the
mid-west with legal limit for AM{375watts carrier}. RFI complaints have
been reduced to almost nothing. I live on a small city lot. I am always
happy to get these type of sig reports from my short ant. (thanks again
Ed) I am located near Washington,DC. tnx

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