[TowerTalk] Ham IV rotor disassembly

Litwins litwins@badsector.com
Wed, 01 Apr 1998 13:23:23 GMT

Does anybody out there have any experience taking the upper housing off a
Ham IV rotor.  I have a unit that was in service about 10 yrs ago when the
Ham IV was built by CDE.  The unit still wks fine on the bench but was in
storage outdoors for the 10 yrs I have been inactive.  The thrust brng in the
top twr section suffered some corrosion damage and I want to check inside the
rotor as well but am reluctant to disassemble it with the poor instructions
provided by CDE in their manual.  I just want to check for corrosion damage
and clean the contacts etc.  Has anybody removed the top section on a Ham IV
and survived the trip?  What I am looking for is (since the instructions
seem to be written by a guy who takes 'em apart for a living--not too
descriptive and neither are the photos) are there any pitfalls like springs boinging
out or parts falling out that I have to be careful of??  Or is it pretty
routine?  Help pse? 
steve, k8wk 

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