[TowerTalk] Deed restrictions,tower permit

N6CW N6CW@aol.com
Wed, 1 Apr 1998 13:31:30 EST

I have been reading with much interest all of the posts concerning deed
restrictions and permit problems over the last six months. I recently moved
into a nice 25 year old subdivision here in San Diego. In researching the
title we came up with a set of CCR's. While not specifically addressing
antenna restrictions it did say that all constructions projects needed to be
cleared through a architetural (sp ?)committee and such committee would be
registered in the city records.It also stated that if the committee did not
respond to a request within 60 days a project could go ahead without approval.
A trip to city hall and in conversations with neighbors who have done major
room additions and pool intstallations revealed that there is no record or
knowledge of such a committee and no knowledge of CCR's. Armed with this
knowledge I feel FAIRLY confident I can put up a tower without running into
any major problems. In order to be a good neighbor I sold my LM354HD and
bought a 70 foot tube tower which I felt would be much more pleasing to the
eye. In the meantime I have installed a R7000 vertical on the roof of the
house just to see what kind of reaction that would bring. So far no comments.
There are a few low TV antennas and a couple of low CB ground planes in the
area. I also thought it would be a good idea to obtain a permit just in case
someone did try to question whether it was legally installed. This has been my
first time actually obtaining a permit in over 40 years of putting up towers.

After a long and painful (to use the permit engineers own words) process I
obtained a permit to put up the tower. Another story in itself. However o ne
of the conditions was that the base would have to be located six (6) feet away
from the house foundation. This is supposedly due to a load stress on the
house foundation caused by the much deeper tower foundation. Assuming, as they
did, that my house foundation is 1 foot deep and the tower foundation is 6
foot deep I need that ratio for the distance between the house and tower base.
No one else that I have talked to who has obtained a permit (not too many for
obvious reasons) had run into this objection. My first job is going to be
digging along the house foundation and seeing just exactually how deep it
really is. Since it is a two story house I believe it is much deeper than 12
inches but probably not the 24 or 36 inches which I need.

My question is has anyone else run into this problem and who do I get to come
out and tell what I need to do to move the base 2 feet from the house so that
I can reach the tower from the roof and keep it out of the middle of the yard?
Any structural engineers out there with any thoughts?

Thanks in advance.


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