[TowerTalk] Without Benefit of Concrete

Malcolm Clark rudder1@ibm.net
Tue, 14 Apr 1998 10:09:05 +0000

Robert Hummel wrote:
> >> I have nearly the same situation you describe. 50' of 25G bracketed to the
> >> house. Base is 4 ft in the ground, buried in 1.5-inch crushed stone. No
> >> guys installed -- none needed. No concrete -- no compression, none needed.
> >
> >Bob, out of curiosity, how many house brackets and at what height?
> >
> One bracket about 3 feet below the peak of the roof (where the extension of
> both tower sides project onto the house). I used stock angle iron and
> U-bolts. Inside, 2x10 backing plate tied via cable to another spot interior
> to the house frame and more rugged than then end gable.

OK, but how high is the roof.  :-)

Seriously, I (and I suspect others) am curious about the height of the
bracket above the ground.

Malcolm KR4HP

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