[TowerTalk] CC 2L40 and Balun

T A RUSSELL n4kg@juno.com
Tue, 3 Feb 1998 06:08:12 -0600


"  When I cut the top off  (of the W2AU balun), a whole lot of 
BROWN WATER came out.  Upon inspection, I could find 
absolutely no way for water to get either in or out of the balun, 
save for the center pin on the UHF connector.  The failure was
the wire had corroded and was nearly broken off on the center 
conductor connection to the solder lug on the inside of the balun tube.

So, can anybody recommend a good current balun to use with 
the 402CD, or is one even needed?  Why can't I just follow the 
directions in the manual and make a coil of coax?"


Dave   N3RD

Hi  Dave -

I have always been suspicious of most baluns.
If you measure the transformation using an impedance 
bridge you will often find them to be something other than 1:1, 
especially over a wide frequency range.

BTW, the water was most likely from condensation rather
than direct entry.  You would have to make an air-tight
seal to prevent condensation.  Better to provide drain holes!

My CC  2L40 is still going strong.  I wound a coaxial choke
over a 3 liter plastic bottle and taped it in place.  I'm big on
"simple, effective solutions!"

73 / GL,  Tom  N4KG

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