[TowerTalk] CC 2L40 and Balun

Press W Jones n8ug@juno.com
Tue, 03 Feb 1998 10:49:26 EST

We don't use drain holes in our W2DU baluns, but we do use a non-shrink
50KV sealing and potting compound inside to stabilize all connections and
guarantee the seal. The silvered and SS hardware doesn't corrode, and the
UV resistant "package"  will out last every reader of this post. We've
never had a reported and returned water failure, and the 100%, "forever"
warranty, while honored 2 or three times since we've started making them,
has never been honored due to fault of the balun or water ingress.
Constructive criticisms and suggestions from users have been studied and
applied, where appropriate, to these and all of the things we make. Our
good friend Walt Maxwell, W2DU, authorized us to make these devices years
ago with the admonition to make 'em right, and we still have his
Sure it's a plug - we're proud of them!

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