[TowerTalk] BX/HDBX type towers

M.G. Brafford brad4@bellatlantic.net
Tue, 3 Feb 1998 15:35:04 -0500

> From: MarchandJohn <jmarchand@ecrm.com>
> To: towertalk@contesting.com
> Subject: RE: [TowerTalk] BX/HDBX type towers
> Date: Tuesday, February 03, 1998 1:39 PM
> Hi all,
> Just to add to David's comments, a good friend (now SK) W1PAN had an 
> HDBX-48 up for many years, (around 20-25) which lasted thru hurricanes
> and 2 TH-7DX tribanders (w/ 2mtr yagis stacked above).
> Once per year we would just check all the hardware security, etc.
> I now have that tower and there isn't a spec of rust anywhere.
> However, climbing and working on that tower is really rough on the feet.
> 73,
> John K1RC
> 35 mi NW of Boston 
I have two very good friends that own the HDBX 48 towers. The towers seem
to work nicely with a TA-33 style beam.  However one tower got hit with a
tornado type wind in 1993, and  went down in a twisted heap of metal. I
doubt any tower could have withstood that type of twisting force though.
I've seen a Rohn 25G, guyed with 3/16 EHS strand, twisted like a pretzel
and all 3 guys stretched and snapped like string. Any tower has it's
breaking point, but I think the HDBX 48 is a good safe tower when used with
a medium size tribander. I agree with John That they are really rough on
the feet. I wonder if anyone has tried adding climbing steps? I wonder if
drilling the vertical pieces to add the steps would weaken the tower? My
idea would be to measure a 3/4" dia piece of galv pipe, flatten each end,
drill it and the tower legs, and bolt them together. This should give you a
nice level climbing step, as opposed to twisting your feet trying to climb
the X braces. Anyone tried this?? 

Mick  W4YV

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