[TowerTalk] Coax baluns coming apart

Stan Griffiths w7ni@teleport.com
Wed, 4 Feb 1998 04:28:26 -0800 (PST)

 I have a 40-2cd and
>started out with the recommended coil of coax. The damn coil kept
>coming unravelled though and hanging down, so I replaced it
>with an AZTECH balun (K6NA mfr). It works fine, but don't see
>any difference from the coil of coax. The AZTECH handles 1500w
>just fine, even on 18 mhz, where the swr is about 1.9.
>Dave Hachadorian, K6LL
>Yuma, AZ

I had that same "unravel" problem so I finally secured the coax balun coil
with #12 plastic insulated copper house wire, several wraps of it, and
several more around the boom.  It has been hanging there for years now.  Got
tired of plastic electrical tape and plastic cable ties constantly coming
apart and breaking.

Stan  w7ni@teleport.com

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