[TowerTalk] 9913 Flex and PL259's

DavisRFinc@aol.com DavisRFinc@aol.com
Wed, 22 Jul 1998 21:35:06 EDT

Hi Larry,  First a few questions, then maybe I can help you.   Is there a
brand name or mfr. # on the coax?   If you have a micrometer or other means,
measure the OD of the shield as it would normally sit, uncompressed by the
outer jacket.  Is there any identification on the PL259.  If you can measure
the ID of the 259 barrel, let me know.  With regard to soldering  the shield
to the barrel, that is "the right" way to do it to avoid mechanical movement
which can result in intermit's or noise; however, I know that there are many
who don't solder because they feel the contact is tight and will not be
subject to movement, or, they admit that they aren't too good with a soldering
tool and will damage the dielectric or concentricity of the dielectric around
the center conductor.  Soldering to the shield is one reason why I included
tinned shielding in "BURY-FLEX" Tm, a low loss 50 Ohm cable similar in size
(OD) to 9913 and RG213.   I'll be glad to review this further.   73,  Steve
Davis, K1PEK 
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<< I've made up several PL259s on lengths of flex 9913 coax from Cable X-Perts
 over the last week. With each connector I seem to have difficulty getting a
 good connection of the shield to the barrel of the PL259. Seems the shield
 is REALLY flexible.... as one screws on the PL259 the shield tries to travel
 back into the coax. (Yes, the shield was tinned). This makes it tough to get
 the mechanical connection afforded by the threaded barrel, not to mention
 leaving nothing to solder to through the holes. I haven't had this problem
 on RG-8, RG-213, or even non-flex 9913. Any trick that I'm missing? 
 You might also comment on whether you normally solder the shield to the
 barrel or depend solely on the threads in the connector. This is always a
 controversial discussion!
 Larry WI5A
 Friendswood, TX 
 -- >>

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