[TowerTalk] Securing cables to rotors

Jim White, K4OJ k4oj@ij.net
Mon, 27 Jul 1998 12:05:46 -0400

I recommend you buy two sets of multi-conductor connectors....

Take one set - the male side and wire it to your rotor...once connected to
the rotor's base you can goop it up to weather proof the famous CDE rusty
terminal strip...the female side coming up from the shack is "hot" which is
good since you do not want its prongs exposed should it be turned on.

The Female side is married to the top end of your rotor cable....when mated
you are all set...

Why two sets?

For the other end of the multi-conductor cable....by placing the female
side on your rotor control box you can do things like test out the rotor on
the ground, since the rotor has a male end hanging off of it....and once
again....the female side of the juncture which is potentially "hot" is the
female side so you should be safe.

........there a lot of products out there now - including some offered by
ham vendors...I have found the most economical to be found in Home Depot,
in my local store they have a section devoted to mobile homes and
trailers...including a pegboard loaded with all kinds of these things....

It is a little more work now but you will thank yourself later.


Jim, K4OJ

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